Software spia usati per concorrenza commerciale sleale

Creative Commons License photo credit: Marko Milošević

Software spia per cellulari, distribuito nella forma di spyware, veniva usato da una banda di rumeni per recuperare informazioni commerciali da utilizzare a fini di concorrenza sleale.

L’articolo completo e` qui:

Vediamo alcuni passi salienti:

“Romanian authorities arrested 50 individuals for using a special mobile-phone program to spy on their spouses, business partners or the competition. The spyware was able to steal call logs, e-mails, SMS messages or GPS data from smartphones and allowed attackers to eavesdrop on active phone calls and private discussions held in the vicinity of the device.”

“Once installed on a phone, the most complete FlexiSPY variant is able to read SMS messages, emails, call logs and GPS locations and upload the captured data to an online server, where it can be viewed by the spy. It also allows the compromised phone to be used as a listening device. When receiving a call from a predefined number, the phone will answer automatically, allowing the caller to eavesdrop on anything going on in the surrounding environment.”

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